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Acupuncture has been practiced in China for more than 3000 years. The World Health Organization has cited acupuncture as a form of treatment for over 100 health conditions. The FDA reclassified acupuncture needles as medical devices in March 1996. In November 1997, the National Institute of Health endorsed acupuncture as "real" field of medicine in the United States. It is high time to integrate acupuncture and oriental medicine into traditional western medicine.

The following conditions usually respondent to the acupuncture treatment:

  Abdominal Pain                                       Gastric Pain                               Plantar Fasciitis
  Ankle Pain                                                Gout                                            PMS
  Arm pain                                                   Groin  Pain                                 Rectum Pain
  Arthritis/Osteoarthritis                           Hand Pain                                  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  Back(upper,mid,lower) Pain                   Headache                                   Rheumatic Pain
  Bone Spur                                                 Heart burns                                Rheumatoid Arthritis
  Cancer Pain                                              Heel Spur                                    Sacroiliac Pain
  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                       Hip Pain                                      Sciatic Pain
  Cervical cancer/pre-cancer                    Intemenstrual Pain                    Shingles
  Cervical Degenerative/bulging Disc    Joint Pain                                    Shoulder Pain
  Cervical Postlaminectomy Syn.             Knee Pain                                   Sinus Pain
  Cervical Stenosis                                     Leg Pain                                      Sports Injury
  Chest Pain/Pressure                                Lower Back Pain                        Sprain Ankle
  Coccyx Pain                                              Lumbar Stenosis                        Stomachache 
  Elbow Pain                                                Migraines                                    Strained Muscles
  Endometriosis                                           Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.)         Tendonitis 
  Ficial pain                                                  Muscle Pain/Myalgia               Tennis Elbow
  Facial Palsy                                               Neck Pain or Stiffness              Thoracic Spine Pain
  Facial tics                                                  Nerve Pain/Neuralgia                TMJ Syndrome
  Fibromyalgia                                             Neuropathy                                 Toothache
  Foot Pain                                                   Numbness/Tingling                   Trigeminal Neuralgia
  Frozen Shoulder                                       Pelvic Pain                                   Wrist Pain

Other Conditions:    
  Acid Reflux                                       Frequent Urination                              Obesity
  Acne                                                  Gastritis/Duodenal Ulcer                    Osteoarthritis 
  ADD/ADHD                                    Hair Loss                                               Panic Disorder
  Addiction                                         Hearing Loss                                         Paralysis/post stroke 
  Allergies                                           Heart  Palpitation                                 Pneumonia
  Anxiety                                             Hemorrhoids                                         Poor Circula.(cold hand/feet)
  Asthma                                             Hot Flash/Menopause Syndrome     Psoriasis
  Baker's Cyst                                     Hypertension                                        Rash/Itching
  Bell's Palsy                                       Immune System disorder                     Rhinitis
  Bronchitis                                         Impotence                                             Seizure Disorder
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome            Infertility                                               Shortness of Breath
  Colitis                                                Influenza                                               Side Effects of Chemotherapy 
  Cold  /cough                                    Insomnia                                               Sinusitis
  Constipation                                    Irritable Bowel  syndrome                  Sore Throat
  Crohn"s disease                              Lack of LaBido                                    Stop Smoking
  Depression                                       Laryngitis                                             Stress
  Diabetes                                           Mass in  Breast                                    Swollen Glands/Tonsillitis
  Diarrhea                                            Meniere's Disease                               Tinnitus
  Dizziness                                          Menstrual Irregularity                         Wart
  Eczema                                              Mononucleosis                                    Weight Control
  Edema                                               Morning Sickness                                Wheezing
  Face Lift                                           Nausea/Vomiting                                  Withdrawal Syndrome

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